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Each Dimare yacht combines technology, functionality, beauty and most important: quality.

Built by a unique blend of talented artisans with over 20 years experience, we manufacture our yachts with the highest possible quality through a combination of “old school” craftsmanship, passion, pride and precision.

Our yacht are as unique as their owners, no two boats are the same, they are designed and built as per the customer’s request, using “old school” building techniques; modern computer aided design and manufacturing can create precision components, but only the keen eye of a skilled worker can tell if the brightness of the hull or the finishing of the teak is good enough for approval. This human touch can’t be replicated by any machine.

Our specialized carpenters design and build our interiors, based on the customer’s specifications; the complete interior is built by use of both modern and old-fashioned tools and equipment. This quality and attention to detail is found in every single step of the building process; for instance the painting of the ship is done by highly skilled and specialised professionals using the same process and standards that are applicable on the world's finest super yachts.

We invite you to visit our models. Each one is the result of the passionate pursuit of excellence.